We’ve had some questions about our itinerary for our upcoming National Park Road Trip! So, we thought we would share it with you. We like to have most things planned out but yet still leave room for things we find along the way or change our mind about later. So, we have included a list things we are interested in doing at each location but we don’t have a set itinerary for what we will be doing at each place we visit because things change and we want to experience each place the best way we can!

Since we are taking our teardrop camper on this trip, we’ve nicknamed our adventure as “The Great Rolling Bean Road Trip” and purchased cute national park stickers to place on the back of our camper along the way. We started this tradition when we first purchased our camper and we are excited to add 10 more to our collection.

Feel free to look thru our itinerary to help you plan your next adventure! We’ve included a pretty extensive list of the items we plan on taking with us, along with the costs of everything we are doing along the way. If you have any questions about our trip or want to give us ideas of things to do please let us know in the comments below!

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