We were extra excited for our session with Kyle and Julianna! Not only was it our first official session since quarantine had been lifted, but it was also SO good to see and hang out with the both of them again. We have shot with Julianna multiple times throughout the years and it always turns out magical! Then she started dating Kyle, we asked them if they would be part of a styled shoot we worked on and met him for the first time then. He was such a good sport during the styled shoot process and Julianna is insanely photogenic so that always makes for a fun time! So when we were presented with the opportunity of shooting their engagement photos, I knew it would turn out amazing!

Kyle and Julianna are such a fun-loving adventurous couple! When they asked if we had any suggestions on where to do their pictures, I had just the spot! I had wanted to do a shoot under the bridge in Cuyahoga Valley National Park for the longest time. Paired with Julianna's adorable styling choices and Kyles excitement for the shoot, I knew this location was practically made for their engagement pictures! 

We had to walk a little way down the Towpath Trail to get to the bridge. Luckily, it was the perfect evening for it. If you have never taken a bike ride starting at the Boston Mill Visitor Center portion of the Towpath, I would highly recommend it! It has so much pretty scenery that includes a farmers market (Szalay's Farm & Market) that has ice cream and sometimes live music! Then if you go a little farther, you'll run into a really cool beaver marsh that has a boardwalk all the way across. It is definitely one of me and Garrett's favorite places to ride. 

Once we got to the bridge, everything unfolded flawlessly. The sunset hit the field of tall grass and daisy's in such a beautiful way and the bridge was stunningly illuminated by golden light. It was the perfect backdrop to capture a snippet of Kyle and Julianna's love story. Our time with them was filled with endless giggles and sweet kisses. There is no doubt these two are meant for each other and will have a lifetime of adventures together!

Ring Around Your Heart - Graham Colton

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