Nicole Loyd | July 18, 2018

            These two beautiful souls have been one of our biggest supporters since we decided to go professional with our photography. I have worked with Shawndelle for going on three years now, and what started as her training me in the office has turned into a wonderful friendship not only in the workplace but outside as well. So, last year when I told her we needed practice taking pictures of humans (we were transitioning from nature photography to portrait photography), she had no hesitations about letting her daughter, Annalise, model for us. 


            Fast forward to today. Garrett and I have had a decent amount of growth in developing our photography style since asking if Anna could model for us. So, naturally, to try out a new concept I had for a styled shoot I asked Shawndelle if her and Anna could be our models yet again. Her and Anna have a level of enthusiasm for creative projects and being in front of the camera that I wish so many more people had. Needless to say, we couldn't have asked for more two more perfect subjects!


            Working with Shawndelle and Anna has always been such a joy for Garrett and me. Even though I was my spazzy and anxious self during this shoot, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to help me bring it to life. Garrett was such a trooper for dealing with his crazy wife that kept a full-blown trellis in the living room for almost 2 weeks! Not to mention all of the bags and boxes full of craft supplies he would come home to everyday... Haha 


            Even though this shoot was a little more challenging than others, seeing how excited Anna was the day of the shoot and then how emotional Shawndelle was receiving the finished product, made it all worth it. I will stop babbling on now and let you proceed to all of the tea party cuteness! Enjoy. :) 

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