Nicole Loyd | July 10, 2019

It was such a privilege to shoot Tim and Dani on their special day. My family and I have known the Konowal family (Tim's side) since we first moved to North Canton. Our families have so many similarities and we have all grown super close throughout the years. So, when Tim's mom let it slip that Tim and Dani were having a very intimate and sorta secret wedding on the beach in Connecticut, I just KNEW we had to go shoot it. I texted Dani that night and told her we would love to come to shoot their wedding and she was all for it! 

We packed up our camper and headed off to Connecticut! We knew getting to be there for our friends day would be special, but it was probably one of the most beautiful, heartfelt weddings we have been a part of. Dani orchestrated an amazing surprise for Tim. She made a plan with his long time best friend (Hayden) to come up and surprise him before the wedding. But that's not all, Dani and Hayden were able to surprise Tim a SECOND time. Hayden secretly got ordained so that he was able to marry his two very best friends on the beach. When Hayden walked up and said he would be the one officiating, I don't think a single person there had a dry eye.


Everything was absolutely perfect, from the beach, to the gentle breeze coming off of the ocean. Seeing all of Tim and Dani's closest family and friends there to support them was so heartwarming and special. There were so many beautiful sentiments expressed and I don't think we have ever seen two people so happy to be with each other and to be married. So, once again, we would like to congratulate Tim and Dani and wish you both a lifetime of adventures!

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